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The ISKROLINE group of companies is engaged in the development, production, sale and servicing of optical emission spectrometers with sources of spectra excitation based on various types of discharges (spark, arc, HF, microwave, laser).

Over the past decade, the company's specialists have mastered the sales markets of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, established serial and small-scale production of various models of spectrometers, accurate delivery, commissioning and training of the customer's specialists on the device, telephone support and remote diagnostics of the devices on the Internet.

Russia & Worldwide

Cooperation with trade organizations

High quality, accuracy and reliability of our equipment let us to surely compete with devices of worldwide well-known brands. We invite trade organizations to cooperate with us to promote our spectrometers on the Russian and CIS markets. We offer: customer's authorization, technical support in its management, contractability and favorable working conditions, 100% guarantee of payment of remuneration.

Authorized Service Centers

To increase the reliability and speed of our work. In the near future we will need the availability of authorized service centers in Russia and abroad. If you are a technical specialist or an entrepreneur, an organization or a functioning service center - we invite you to cooperation. Write to us.

The international cooperation

In the current plans of the company to ensure the regular supply of spectrometers and other equipment to the countries of the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, India, etc. We invite both Russian partners having interests and experience in the above markets, as well as foreign technical specialists and organizations to open a representative office and service Center in your country or region.


We are developers and manufacturers of all devices presented on the site. All blocks and nodes of spectrometers are produced independently.

Warranty and Service

We carry out fast warranty service and after-warranty service of our devices, both on the territory of the manufacturer in St. Petersburg and with the visit to the customer's enterprise.


Prices in any of the 3 currencies: RUB, USD, EUR. Flexible payment systems, as well as loyal attitude to the Customer, always allow to agree the most acceptable cost and schedule of payments.


Delivery of equipment around the world by any kind of transport. We can also help or manage custom clearance of equipment with delivery to arranged customs terminal.

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